We have been users of alternative accommodation for many years and enjoy finding interesting or unusual places to stay. Our aim is to make your stay at Sunnyside Villa as comfortable and rewarding as we would expect ourselves.

When our two daughters married and left home transforming Sunnyside in to a B&B was the logical progression for us, combining our hospitality skills with our passion for renovating and furnishing our heritage property.

Quite soon we were receiving requests to hold garden wedding ceremonies. Our first wedding was held in 2010 for our eldest daughter with many more ceremonies being held since then.

More recently we have begun to use our gardens for debutantes to gather and have photos taken with their families before heading off to the Debutante ball.

We have always dogs living with us as part of our family. Our latest doggie host is Miss Remy. She is a rehomed 5 year old Hungarian Vizsla who had previously been trained as a quail hunting dog. She is not named after the famous French brandy (which we thought was rather lovely) but after the Remington shot gun!  Apparently her previous owner missed more than he hit with his Remington shot gun – hence he named her Miss Remy.

We welcome you to share our home and gardens with us.


Our background is in small business. If you had visited Bacchus Marsh in the early 80’s then the chances are we may have served you a Devonshire tea at THE AVENUE TEA ROOMS. Or in the late 80’s a healthy sandwich at HONEYMEAD HEALTH FOODS. More recently building on Matt’s teaching background we developed a range of educational furniture through our business EDUMAX. Since the sale of EDUMAX we have been able to devote more time to our B&B and Garden Wedding business.


Our home was named Sunnyside by the original owners. We thought it only fitting that we continued with tradition and retained the name – just adding Villa as it sounded so much nicer and less like a retirement village!

We are just the fourth owners of this property and have spent the last 17 years continuing with the restoration of Sunnyside not only to its former glory but bringing it in line with the 21st century and the conveniences of modern living. The servant bell pulls are still intact but alas the servants are all gone!

We look forward to discussing your needs with you.

Lyn and Matt Egan